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I am a Fullstack web developer, my professional responsibility are to develop new modern interactive and dynamic web applications or optimization of existing web applications. I have excellent brain-storming and problem-solving skills with strong understanding of data structure and object oriented programming. I consider myself proactive and innovative team player proven to work under tight deadlines; capable of developing multiple projects at same time and also can work efficiently as an individual. Am sure a fast learner when it comes to embracing new technologies and also am focused on achieving outstanding results on my assigned duty.

Responsibilities / Functions

Gathered and analyzed the requirements and converted them into User Requirement Specifications and Functional Requirement Specifications for the designers and developers to understand them as per their perspective
Involved and worked in web designing using HTML4/5, XHTML, CSS 2/3, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, Angular.js and jQuery, Bootstrap
Extensive experience working as a Front End UI Developer with solid understanding and installation of different development modules.
Strong MVC experience working in Back-End Development with PHP and Laravel frameworks.
Experience in using MVC structured Angular JS framework for creating dynamic Single Page Application (SPA).
Strong understanding of popular browser debugging tools for common browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Opera and IE) such as Firebug, IE Tester, Chrome's Element Inspector Responsive Inspector.
Strong experience in using various Interface Development Environment tools such as NetBeans, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Sublime Text, PHPstorm, Dreamweaver and raw development tools such as Notepad++, CotEditor.
Strong and experience in using hierarchy data model in relational database management system with SQL Server, MySQL, , MySQL, NoSQL and Eloquents models for Object Relational Mapping ( ORM ).
Extensive experience in using version control tools such as GitHub with Git
Strong configuration understanding of networking protocols such as HTTP, DNS, TCP/IP, UDP, OSPF, EIGRP, RIP, SSL/TLS, SSH.
Specialist in using Content Management System ( CMS ) with solid understanding of Wordpress, Magento and Joomla
Strong experience in using server technology such as LAMP, MAMP and WAMP for developing and establishing a software distribution package.

Completed Projects

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4820 dunham drive, Reading. Pennsylvania, 19606. US

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Thank you for surfing through my page, connect to my social media pages below, i am always available to join a serious team of developer to create outstanding projects. Contact me if you have a project that my services is needed for i will oblige, please do endorse my professional skills on linkedin if my skills interest you.